• Going Up!

    Here are a couple of statistics you might not think about every day: there are 900,000 elevators in service in the United States, and these elevators make 18 billion passenger trips each year. That means each passenger averages four trips per day, 250 days per year. That’s a lot of elevator rides. While most people don’t give it a second thought when the elevator doors open up, it’s something that’s on Patrick McBride’s mind every single day. He’s the President of Servset Elevator Inc. (Servset) in Sacramento, a specialty contractor providing installation of modular elevators, elevator environmental services and elevator interiors and sill refurbishing.   read more...

  • Doing the Right Thing, With All the Right Stuff.

    Tamarack Materials Inc., a GMS company, has coordinated an inventory capable of supplying any building need in the vertical construction market in the north central U.S. Founded 36 years ago, the firm operates under the brand names “Tamarack Materials” and “Badgerland Supply” and has grown to almost 300 employees staffing 18 distribution yards in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois. Each yard offers delivery service within a 100-mile radius, and has a showroom that is open to the public for pick-up orders.   read more...

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